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Back into lockdown

To everyone in the newly locked down suburbs of melbourne, I wish you didn’t have to do this and I am so grateful to you. I can’t imagine the level of frustration, anger and anguish that being put back into lockdown is creating.  Just when you were feeling some relief in getting back to some normal routines and getting back on your feet, you’ve … Read More Back into lockdown

2020’s lost hopes and dreams

This weeks’ roller coaster has been frustration and anger, exasperation and anguish…

A story of grief and recovery

When my friend died suddenly in May 2018 I couldn’t speak about her, I had so much pain, guilt, regret and sorrow in my heart, it was too painful to even think about our friendship. I was drawn to grief recovery because I wanted to get back to listening work and training to be a grief recovery specialist called to me.  It wasn’t until … Read More A story of grief and recovery

Because our hearts matter

We need our hearts, not just in the physical sense, in an emotional sense we need our hearts.  We need our hearts, to love, to be kind, to have compassion and to care.  Our hearts are our relational centre. There’s a decision making tool that goes like this: Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself.  Hold the problem in your head for a … Read More Because our hearts matter


Emails are different these days aren’t they? There’s less corporate speak and more messages from the heart.

Grief in these times

In these last (is it only 3?) weeks, as I’ve watched the death toll rise, the world shut down

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