What is the Grief Recovery Method?

The Grief Recovery Method is a series of actions, taken step-by-step, that enable you to complete the unfinished emotional business surrounding your loss.  The program follows a logical sequence that provides a frame in which you can discover what needs to be said and a safe, non-judgemental place to be heard.  You will have the opportunity to identify the losses in your life and learn the method by applying it to two significant losses.  Once you have learnt the method, you will then have a tool for life to recover from the losses you experience.

The Grief Recovery Method is not therapy or counselling, it is a self-contained educational program that is heart-centred and healing.

Along the way you will discover the unhelpful myths we have learnt from society about grief and the short term ways we use to cope with and protect ourselves from the pain of loss, ways that, ultimately, keep our hearts locked away and restrict our capacity for living fully.

Will I be sad still?

You may still feel sad about the person or circumstances you’ve lost, the difference will be that your sadness is not wrapped in pain.

Will I forget or have to forget my loved one?

No, at no point in the Grief Recovery Method will you be asked to forget or let go of your loved one, you will be working on letting go of the pain surrounding your loss.  Many grievers find they are able to recall memories more happily, because the pain that used to come with them has gone.

I didn’t lose someone I loved, quite the opposite – is this for me?

Yes, the Grief Recovery Method is not only for the loss of loved ones, or loved circumstances. The unfinished emotional business of loss is not restricted to feelings of love and care, anger, frustration, hate can all be present and the loss can arise from difficult and awful circumstances.  If you’re not sure, get in touch with me to talk it through.

No-one died, but I still feel so much loss – will this program help?

The Grief Recovery Method is about loss and grief of all kinds, loss has many faces including lost or changed relationship, life transition or los of health, self esteem, direction…. the program is designed for all types of loss and grief.

1:1 or Group Program?

Currently, due to the corona virus pandemic, all programs are 1:1 and take place online. Face to face programs will resume when circumstances allow.

How do programs take place?

We’ll meet via Zoom, an online video conferencing program. You don’t need any apps or accounts to take part.

What do grievers say after completing the program?

Many grievers speak about feeling a weight lifted, finding understanding of their behaviours and in some cases, the program has saved their life. You can also read testimonials here and see two below.

Find relief from heartache and gain skill to help you recover from loss throughout your life.

Are you curious? Let’s explore working together, click here to book a time.

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