Grief in these times

The world as we have known it has changed and we are all having to adapt rapidly to a different way of living and a different way of organising our lives, sometimes with inconsistent or non-existent information on which to base our decisions. We are worried about our loved ones and can see the impact on our communities and the world.

As I watch the death toll rise, the world shut down and the anxiety and panic that has set in – and the community love and support and response that has started to flow – I’ve wept, I’ve felt angry, sad, anxious, in disbelief and resigned. I’ve been moved to tears by the kindness and togetherness that’s being shown and felt thankful for the adaptability and ingenuity of us humans when we put our minds together.  I’m grieving the loss of certainty, life as it once was, the loss of my old working life, in person gatherings with friends and colleagues, real hugs and just being out and about, sharing space and time with other human beings. 

However the corona virus pandemic is affecting you, remember you are most likely grieving too.  If you are feeling a range of emotions, having a hard time concentrating, eating and drinking more than usual, these can be signs of grief and grief is a normal and natural response to loss of any kind.  Be as kind and gentle with yourself and others as you can and know you are not broken and don’t need to be fixed.

There are lots of really helpful emails and posts coming out now to support you in these times and you can follow my posts here for a grief-led perspective and ways to calm your nervous system as an antidote to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 

Take care in it all ❤️ Sam

Find relief from your heartache and gain a skill that helps you recover from loss throughout your life.  
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Whether your loss is through bereavement, the ending of a relationship, a change in circumstances or any of the many losses we experience in our lifetime, do you find yourself going over and over what you wish had been different, things you wish you’d said or not said, all the hopes, dreams and expectations that were unfulfilled, keeping you stuck in a painful, often unbearable cycle of pain?  The Grief Recovery Method™ is a series of actions that will enable you to complete all the unresolved emotional business linked to your loss. It is also (as far as we know) the only grief support programme with an evidence base to it’s positive impact. 

John James

Hear more from John James who created Grief Recovery Method when he was unable to find effective relief for his devastating grief.

Before the Grief Recovery Method felt I had no purpose in life, after meeting Sam and doing the program I feel like a weight has lifted, I do not have the same feelings that I did before and I am able to process things more clearly and with ease without the negative emotional impact it was having on me.

HB, Bristol

Can I recover from grief?

Carole Henderson of Grief Recovery UK answers whether we can recover from grief, in one of her blogs: https://www.griefrecoverymethod.co.uk/blog/is-it-really-possible-to-recover-from-grief/

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