To everyone in the newly locked down suburbs of melbourne, I wish you didn’t have to do this and I am so grateful to you. I can’t imagine the level of frustration, anger and anguish that being put back into lockdown is creating.  Just when you were feeling some relief in getting back to some normal routines and getting back on your feet, you’ve lost the freedom that you had and the sense of hope that it was all going to be over soon.  With loss comes grief and your feelings are a normal and natural response to the loss you’re experiencing right now.  As best you can, allow and name how you’re feeling, to yourself at least, and if you have a safe person to talk to, tell them.  (The helplines are available too if you don’t have someone safe in your life.) Remember that everyone grieves in their own way and everyone’s relationship to the situation is unique.  Your response to the lockdown may be very different to your family and friends.  This doesn’t mean they are not grieving too – and it doesn’t make your feelings wrong. 

If you have friends or family in the lockdown areas, try to be a safe place for them to say how they feel, air their protest and let the tears fall if they are there.  Resist the urge to say how necessary this is and that you just have to get on with it.  While these are intellectually true, they are emotionally unhelpful in these conversations, try to be a non-judgmental listening ear, without interruption or analysis, it will help.  Your hearts matter ❤️

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