This week’s roller coaster ride has been frustration and anger, exasperation and anguish.. and peering into a deeper hole of despair that can appear to me in difficult times.  I had a plan, I had a plan, it was a good plan, hard fought for,  emotionally, intellectually and spiritually… and it was working and it felt great and my hopes were high and I could see the path in front of me at last.  And then corona virus… and my hopes and expectations for 2020 and building a foundation for the future evaporated, melted away, crumbled into a pile of dust.  

Lost hopes, dreams and expectations…conflicting feelings in response to a change in a familiar pattern of behaviour… I’m grieving… grieving the loss of my hopes and expectations for this year and the loss of certainty in where I was heading.  In contrast to my older habits of coping, I reached out, spoke my truth to listening ears, recognised the source and spectrum of my feelings, and used my grief recovery steps to find peace.  I’m feeling grateful now, to the listeners in my life, to John James, whose heart created the Grief Recovery Method, to my teachers and to my heart, for recognising the dive and pulling me out of it ❤️

If you are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and curious about learning how to recover from the multitude of losses we experience in life, click here to book into the Recovering from Loss webinar or click here to book a 1:1 chat with me.

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