It was Mother’s Day yesterday in Aus, so many conflicting emotions are held in this day, the joy and love and the sorrow and pain, the yearning to hug and kiss, that can only be virtual right now.  To all of you who have taken on the incredible journey of motherhood, I am in awe of your hearts, your courage and your tenacity.  And my heart goes to those whose dreams of mothering have been stolen, through bereavement or biology, or a life path that missed the steps that led to family.  To the grieving mums and would-be mums, my heart is with you.  To the grieving children, whose mum’s have died or who didn’t receive the mothering they so needed, my heart goes to you.  And my thanks go to the mothering ones, to all of you who have mothered, through your work, through your conversations and your connections, through the ideas and service you have brought to life, through the care you’ve taken of your selves, your friends, your pets and your community. ❤️

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