In these last (is it only 3?) weeks, as I’ve watched the death toll rise, the world shut down and the anxiety and panic that has set in, I’ve wept, I’ve felt angry, sad, anxious, in disbelief and resigned. I’ve been moved to tears by the kindness and togetherness that’s being shown, and felt thankful for the adaptability and ingenuity of us humans when we put our hearts and minds together.  I’m grieving the loss of certainty, life as it once was, the loss of my old working life, in-person gatherings with friends, and just being out and about, sharing time with other human beings.  Yesterday I was happy to be sharing virtual time with friends, this morning I woke full of sadness for the world, for those whose friends and relatives have died and the those who are experiencing fear and anxiety. Grief is our normal and natural emotional response to loss of any kind, and most poignantly at the moment, it can be defined as the conflicting emotions caused by the end of a familiar pattern of behaviour (The Grief Recovery Institute). I’m grieving….  And if you’re experiencing a range of different emotions at what can seem like random moments, you too may be grieving.  You are not alone ❤️ Find someone safe to talk to who can listen without judgment, criticism or analysis and as best you can, be someone safe to talk to.  If you’re struggling to find someone through other means, The Listening Project may be able to help.

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