This is an interview with a CM, from Strathmore, a participant of the Grief Recovery Program.

What would you say to someone who was hesitating about investing in the Grief Recovery program?

No matter what concerns are making you hesitate, if you are ready and open to being truthful, the benefits of the program will outweigh the them.  You may be worried about revisiting hurtful things…it’s ok to accept and have some faith in the program, because even though I felt some of the hurt it was nothing compared with the original hurt. 

What have been the benefits that you’ve experienced?

Being able to resolve situations in the past, these things have been dealt with now and I feel lighter.

I have a new perspective on behaviours in the past and in the present and can acknowledge them and make different choices.

Being able to apply the steps straight away in the present so that I can acknowledge and resolve how I’m feeling and move on.

I know how to resolve other losses now and I’m not afraid of doing it. 

The program gave me the space to sit safely in private and go through things in my life with the shielding of anonymity, I knew this was only for me and so I was able to be honest about how I felt.

The material was really down to earth and easy to understand

Although I didn’t work on this loss, I had been made redundant a few years ago.  With the knowledge of grief recovery, I learnt that an ending is an ending and not the whole of my life, and that because there is an end, there is also a beginning and I can wonder about what will be exciting about the new beginning.

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