Sam’s gentle yet steadfast ability to hold space guided me through my (unexpected) resistance to this subtle yet powerful program. Her authenticity was the very quality that dissolved that resistance, leaving me to feel safe and able to bring all I was experiencing. 

The Grief Recovery method helped me uncover my ability to choose how I show up in the world, instead of being driven by reactions I didn’t even know were happening.

The opportunity to drill down into the moments of life that had been brushed over, gone, butas it turned out, not forgotten gave me the dignity of acknowledgment. I was seen and heard by another…but more importantly, I saw and heard myself…in all the overlooked momentsthat grief sweeps past in the rush to…get over it.

Because of Sam’s huge heart and immense skill set I was able to fully engage with the process and reap the rewards that commitment deliver. In the months since completing this subtle yet powerful program I’ve noticed a peace settle within me, freeing up so much of myenergy and time giving me the gift of being able to be in, and even enjoy…present moments.

If this work has filtered into your attention, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have been introduce or simply come across Sam Denmon, then take that as the gift it is and back yourself, be brave and dive in…you’re in very safe hands…

Thank you Sam, eternally grateful,

-Jodie, Melbourne Australia

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