Samantha Demmon

Like you or the person you want to help, my life has been marked by loss. An estranged parent, loss of identity, devastating relationship breakdowns, moving to the other side of the world, as well as bereavements, formed the emotional pin ball machine that bounced me through my life from one experience to another. I came to the Grief Recovery Method when looking for a return to providing emotional support to people through listening. People have always talked to me about their lives and I’ve wanted to be the best listener I can. That feeling of being heard and understood is so precious and so often brings relief with it.  My own life experiences, which I now know were fundamentally about unresolved grief, drew me to find relief and I began learning about emotions, how they happen, what they mean, how they drive us, consciously and unconsciously, demystifying them so I could use that information to live more fully and with more integrity.  

I studied personal development in the 90’s then trained as a psychotherapist and counselled carers and members of the LGBTIQ community in the 00’s. After a period of time away from emotional support work, during a return to the UK, I found Grief Recovery UK and immediately trained to be a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist. The Grief Recovery Method has helped me find peace and relief as I have worked though my losses and now I can support grievers to find their own.

I bring a wealth of understanding of the human condition, and human experiences to this work, backed by a lifetime of study and reflection.  The most consistent feedback I receive from people I have supported is of gentle empathic strength (and recently “you’re so calm and can makes sense of mud!”).

The declaration of confidentiality in each session allowed you to trust each other and you also gain respect when you spoke openly without interruption. The feeling of non judgment and being able to express your feelings allow you to learn more about yourself and how your are really feeling.

HB, Bristol

Find relief from your heartache and gain a skill to help you recover from loss throughout your life.

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